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UNER presents Sounds From Solar 001 Podcast introducing ”COMMUNERTY”

UNER an artist who likes to be connected and interactive with his fans,  has created a new project ”CommUNERty” which offers his fans a chance to sign up to his monthly newsletter offering them the latest gig news, release updates, merchandise, tickets and free podcasts and exclusive tracks each month.

Coinciding with the start of a fresh New Year, paired with the sun which marks the beginning and end of each of our days, bringing the source of life that puts the rhythm to our own existence,  “Sounds from Solar” is a one-hour monthly mix, that takes us on a journey as told by UNER with his unique selection of tracks every month. It shows you the now and tomorrow of electronic music from the solar system and our universe.

”5Planets” is an exclusive track for those within the CommUNERty that was released  during the planetary alignment last year just been– where Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and even Jupiter could be seen by the human eye.

This is a track that I started to work on the same day that the planetary alignment began and I released as an exclusive to everyone in our CommUNERty, until the planetary alignment ended .”5Planets” is like a musical journey. There were 3 different versions, but I decided on this one because it’s the cleanest and most intense, but also the one which best reflects my view about the depth of our universe.” – UNER

UNER  invites you to step outside and look at our universe in a different light, and to be involved with his new projects along the way. Join CommUNERty by visiting UNER’s Facebook page and clicking on the sign up tab. Join commUNERty today for Monthly exclusive podcasts, backstage passes, free music, giveaways & more. Expires in 3 days.


Robyn & Kidness – Who do you Love (Wolfgang Voigt GAS Mix Echo)
Pezzner – Right Place Rigth Time – DirtyBird
Re.You – Break it Down – Younion
Yotam Avni – Tikkun – Innervisions
Black Coffe feat Toshi – Buya – Get Physical
Fideles – Monark – Solar Distance
Scoom Legacy – Secret Hints – Solar Distance
Andre Galluzzi – Submerge – Ovum
Raxon – Nebular – Diynamic Music
Max Cooper – Woven Ancestry (Lusine Remix) – Get Physical