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These Audiophile speakers handcrafted from recycled trees are amazing

Audiophile speakers handcrafted from recycled trees by former World Cup soccer star, is to help inspire kids.

Rockit Logs are created from acoustic quality wood once abandoned by logging operations, then re-purposed into handcrafted works of visual and audio art by Jay DeMerit.

These Western Cedar, Fir and Hemlock trees are recovered in a beautiful valley along British Columbia’s Sea to Sky Corridor where logging is prevalent and much waste exists. Each Rockit Log  of soft tone woods are used to create a sound profile unlike anything you’ve heard before. These speakers made from the same woods that are used in guitars and violins to deliver full acoustic profiles that provide warmth and amplify quieter tones are custom tuned to deliver both timeless style and premium sound quality. No two speakers are alike and while most Bluetooth speakers have a power output of between 1 and 5 watts, Rockit Logs boom at 60 watts of pure audio power. They’re also portable and can connect via Bluetooth or USB.

The Kickstarter is currently sitting at $46,412 of its $50K goal. Once it reaches its destination all money obtained from the campaign will be used to fund the initial hardware investment that is needed to mass produce the audio technology behind Rockit Logs. Then once backers’ returns have been made, Rockit Logs will be donating profits to the Rise & Shine foundation which helps support young athletes.