Tap Into China’s Electronic Dance Music Boom And Make Money From Your Music In The Top 30+ Chinese Outlets & Streaming Services For FREE


“I think we’ll start to see international artists wanting to ‘break China’ just as much as they’ve always wanted to ‘break America’,” says Stu Bergen, chief executive for international and global commercial services at Warner Music. – Financial Times

With Asia-Pacifics global electronic music marketplace “literally fizzing with opportunity” take the next step and tap into this growing dance music boom with RouteNote a service that offers you a simple, professional and easy way to get your music into 100’s of music stores and major services in China through Kanjian Music a global music enterprise and the largest consumer market in the world  that is ASIA . The largest home to independent music in the entire Asian continent, Kanjian works with over a million tracks, 5,000 labels and more than 40,000 artists. Upload your music today completely for FREE 

Whilst you may know that you can use RouteNote to distribute your music to major stores like iTunes, Spotify and Tidal for free you might not know that there is a giant music market in Asia you’re missing out on and should never be underestimated.

Some of the stores you can distribute to through Kanjian with RouteNote have over 800 million users. 

So what are you waiting for, whether you’re a budding new artist, an accomplished musician or an independent record label, join RouteNote for free today and open your music up to over 1 billion people through all of these Chinese stores:

  • 看见音乐 KANJIAN
  • NOW
  • 小米音乐 Xiaomi Music
  • 咪咕音乐 Migu Music(中国移动 China Mobile)
  • 爱音乐 iMusic(中国电信 China Telecom)
  • 中国联通 China Unicom
  • 京东 JD Music(JingDong)
  • QQ音乐 QQ Music  [over 800 million users]
  • 虾米音乐 Xiami Music
  • 天天动听 TTPOD
  • 网易云音乐 163 Music
  • 百度音乐 Baidu Music
  • 多米音乐 Duomi Music
  • 酷狗 Kugou   [over 800 million users]
  • 酷我 Kuwo
  • 顶真唱片 Discjam
  • 华数 Wasu TV
  • 豆瓣 Douban
  • 荔枝 Lizi FM
  • 线下 KTV (MV Only)
  • 音悦台 Yinyuetai (MV Only)
  • 今日头条 Toutiao (MV Only)
  • VIVO
  • Moov
  • Soliton
  • Mymusic(ezPeer)
  • Omusic
  • Heart Music
  • Jeou Tai
  • Walkgame
  • Chunghwa Telecom
  • MusicGo
  • Taiwan Mobile
  • Vibo Telecom
  • yoyorock
  • Asia Pacific Telecom
  • FETnet
  • Vibo Telecom