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Ron Bacardi aka Ben Sims joins Razor-N-Tape with a 4-track inferno of disco edit heat!

U.K. techno powerhouse Ben Sims, a producer and internationally recognised techno legend in his own right, Sims has spent all his conscious life exploring all facets of underground dance music. As well as carving a reputation as one of the world’s leading techno DJs, Ben under his ‘Ron Bacardialias serves up a 4-part disco edit EP on the Brooklyn based Razor-N-Tape underground label.

Despite his veteran status in the scene, Sims has always been keen to evolve, and with his Edit EP this innovative showcase converges to create a 4-track inferno of disco edit heat that breathes, soul, rhythm, and grooves.

With his trademark grooves, the A-side races out of the gate with ‘Back For More,’ a soul infused vocal, driven by disco and house leanings that ramps up the energy with gyrating rhythms and unique sound layering, making this a culinary delight for any peaktime moment, bringing the people to the floor. With ‘Circles’ Sims is once again heavily inspired by disco and soul, which loops a gritty guitar-driven hook to perfection.

Flipping to the B-side, ‘Music Play voyages into Sim’s unique take on disco, coupled with an authentic house input, delivering a distinctive production infusing a breezy synth-string section, electric pianos, horns, all together straddling the pulsing bassline thats poised to spice up the 2am floors. Propelling his sound with his excellent production skills coming to the fore, ‘Never Dance,’ takes us home on the final edit of this new release, with swirling percussion and soaring falsettos paired against a churning bassline thats ready for the midnight spin.

Weaving together his own distinctive blend of infectious disco and hard grooves, Sim’s Edit EP is poised to capture the creative workings of numerous dusk-till-dawn Ibiza club sets, pool parties, and weekend club shenanigans.

Away from his busy DJing schedule, Young Ones interviewed Ben, chatting his music-making ways and what the future holds for Ron Bacardi… Read the interview here