Lars Rasmussen Creates Music App Weav play music at any speed

Lars Rasmussen Creates Music App “Weav” play music at any speed – Out now

product-shotGoogle Maps co-creator Lars Rasmussen who recently quit his pretty sweet job at Facebook to launch a music app with business partner Elomida Visviki of the UK-based startup Cute Little App has delivered his music app named Weav

As the company puts it, it Weav Music has created an innovative new interactive music format with artistic vision at its heart. Musicians create tracks that can be played back at any speed and still sound awesome.

As the listener, you can adjust the tempo of a song without warping the track through Weav. How is this done? Musicians who use Weav have to record different parts of their songs at different speeds. Like that, anyone can change the BPM of the song while Weav automatically blends the sounds together with a smooth transition, dismissing the possibility of a botched playlist.

Weav will also be able to respond to your heartbeat and adjust your music speed to your activities. The more active you seem to be, the more Weave will speed up the BPM of the song to try and match your energy.

To demonstrate the new format, Cute Little Apps has released tracks from Dean Gillard + Matt Ward, Ryon Lawford,  PHiLyesPHiL and Konstantinos.

The company hopes other musicians will create their own tracks with the new software during its beta phase.

“This is the music format for the mobile generation,” said Rasmussen. “We do more and more things with an app helping us – this is the first time that music can also adapt in real time to what we are doing.” He added: “There have been attempts at interactive music before but the availability of powerful, sensor-rich mobile devices means that the time is right for this kind of technology.

“Our format is focused on keeping creative control with the artist and delivering the music in contexts where the mobile device can sense your activity and adapt the playback accordingly.”

Musicians who are interested in trying the mixer app, Weav, can register for the beta program, open now, at More info HERE