Random Sample, Drumkit, and Tutorial Generator.

Music Producer LO Dopemine has created a new online sample randomizer tool called Random Music Sample Generator, Drum Kits, Music Production Tutorials to help you find unused interesting and obscure samples 

Random Sample, Drumkit, and Tutorial Generator. Practice Music Production.

Use free drum sample packs, pair them with music samples from rare vinyls, and sharpen your music production skills by implementing the tips and techniques from tutorials on Youtube.The beat tutorials are all sourced from Youtube and Reddit. If you want to learn how to produce music this is a great way to do so.  You have a sample and drums to use – you then just follow the  production techniques and you’re on your way.

LO Dopemine’s inspiration came for making the generator by browsing Reddit, Youtube, and all of the other common sites, and save songs to chop later, but then would forget about them and amassed this large list of songs that he never got back to. Not knowing where to start prompted him to create a randomizer that would show a random sample anytime he hit refresh or shuffle. 

The sample database is comprised of an almost endless collection of: Soul Music, Progressive, Rock, Jazz, R&B, 80’s, Blues, Dub, 70’s Rock, Funk, Disco, Dance, and Electronica. The hip hop samples in the database are a collection of the most obscure, vintage, deep cuts, and B-Sides on Youtube and Spotify. 

“Make your own beats by using the Lo Dopamine music sample database, free drum kits, and music production tutorials. I’ve spent hours digging into the crates (digitally) for the most vintage, obscure records with the largest afro’s and the craziest album art from spanning decades.”

“There’s music samples of prog rock, jazz, soul, R&B, etc. This tool is a great way to learn how to make a beat or to help you to find samples that are great for hip hop production. Make your own music today by using a randomly generated music sample, a random drum sample pack, and one of the music production courses, which are all free.”


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