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Music Study Proves Music is Effective for Productivity In the Workplace

Confirming what we have known all along thanks to a recent study and research from UK based Mindlab International who conducted an experiment proved that listenning to our favourite music at work improved productivity .

With 26 particpants who took part in the experiment over a course of 5 days undertaking a series of on-line tasks nine out of ten (88%) participants of the office-based experiment produced their most accurate work whilst listening to music and 81% finished their tasks faster if music was played.

The research shows:

  • 81% of people worked fastest when listening to one of four music genres
  • 88% of people worked most accurately when listening to one of four music genres
  • Pop music is best for working quickly and accurately
  • Classical music is most effective for solving mathematical problems
  • Ambient music improves data-entry accuracy
  • Dance music enhances proof-reading skills

Dr David Lewis, chairman of Mindlab International commented “Music is an incredibly powerful management tool in increasing the efficiency of a workforce. It can exert a highly beneficial influence over employee morale and motivation, helping enhance output and even boosting a company’s bottom line.”

The research also showed that when people did not listen to music, they made the most mistakes while solving equations and spell-checking.

Paul Clements, Director of Public Performance Sales, PRS for Music added: “The increase in levels of productivity when music is playing is striking. This project provides a refreshing reminder of the multiple benefits to be gained from listening to music at work.”

So guess its a good oportunity to let your boss know Monday morning that tasks required during the week will be completed more efficienly with the work place alot happier listenning to your favourite tunes. Good luck with that one.