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MIX THE CITY and explore a different region and create your own mix

Feeling creative. Mix the City is an online platform that invites people all around the world to discover the sights and sounds of a different region and create your own music on your computer and share it with friends.

Co-commissioned by the British Council and The Space, YouTube artist Kutiman launched the first Mix The City project in Tel Aviv in 2015, allowing users to create a mix from a set of 12 filmed tracks performed by musicians living in the city.The homepage imagery changes every hour to reflect the mood of the featured city, shot by the artist Kutiman. A feature that creates an ever-changing environment for regular users of the site, also pulling in weather information, population and time until sunset or sunrise helping to create some attachment to the the city and its inhabitants.

Since the original Mix The City in Tel Aviv,there have been a total of six Mix The City versions so far, globally bringing the experience to many more locations around the world, including Istanbul, the Balkans, Moscow, Mannheim, Hamburg and now Mix the City India, that has four versions, showcasing the diversity of sound, music and cultural influences from the country’s 4 metros.

The first launch that took place on 31 March, 2017 with Mix the City, Mumbai is now followed by Mix the City, Delhi. Mix the City, Chennai and Kolkata will launch towards the second half of 2017.

Each version of the platform features 12 Indian musicians that each contribute two music samples have been compiled by UK music-producers (Boxed In, Django Django and Anna Meredith, along with Israeli producer Kutiman) into short audio/ video samples for you to mix and can be combined to compose a soundtrack that the user can share on their social media channels, directly from the website. The format in sync with offerings from other international cities. It’s a mix of classical and contemporary sounds.

Create your own Mix for Mumbai & Delhi today.

Next in line are Kolkata and Chennai.

Alan Gemmell, OBE Director India, British Council, and the initiative behind this musical, has a wider view on the impact of the project “Mix the City India” is a brilliant way to celebrate the UK-India relationship, connect young people in both countries and, inspire the next generation to build the relationship for the next 70 years. The Mumbai segment brings 12 incredible Indian musicians to phones and tablets and let’s people create and share their own India music video!” he said.

Users do not require any prior knowledge of music or rhythm to explore this platform. It is a fun, intuitive website that allows you to explore the sounds of your city through its local musicians. (collaborations with UK artists shown below). Now you can get involved and create your own mix today!

Mix the City has reached hundreds of thousands users in dozens of countries. Create your own music at www.mixthecity.com.