Lockyear is back on OTB Records with his newest EP ” Wave Knowledge “ | Thirst4Beats

Lockyear is back on OTB Records with his newest EP ” Wave Knowledge “

OTB Records return for their first instalment of the year with London based producer Lockyear returning to the imprint with his second innings –  Wave Knowledge EP.  

Striving to balance the three daunting pillars of the human condition, Lockyear explores the connection between body, mind and soul. From the initial bass drum, the opener Bodymind sets the tone of the EP, its muscular rhythm bearing fertile ground for sweeping pads and a lively arpeggiator-like chattering teeth.

On the flip, the title track Wave Knowledge takes us to a deeper place. Distorted stabs and playful bleeps glide around the low-end, whilst a pad and subconscious hum maintain the feeling of mystery.

The closing track Taming the Elephant has an enigmatic vocal that takes you into a meditative state, while subtle pulsating chords maintain melodic character. It’s the perfect end to an exploration of mind, body,and soul.

Just like the previous OTB record, 88888 designed an art stamp that will be used to produce the vinyl sleeves by hand, making each piece unique. For this one, they drew inspiration from Calder’s moving structures.

Lockyear’s Wave Knowledge EP is set to be released February 17th on OTB Records.