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Stream Ghost in the Shell Soundtrack and compilation

2017’s official soundtrack album, Music Inspired By The Motion Picture Ghost In The Shell–due out on March 31–threads together 12 tracks elegantly befitting of Major‘s unpredictable cybernetic war and personal journey to uncover the secrets behind her dark past. 

The world of Ghost In The Shell naturally echoes with a synthesis of automated sounds, industrialized textures and cyberpunk artistry. Fans get a taste of music from this inspired by album immediately upon pre-order with the Steve Aoki 21st century remix  of Kenji Kawai‘s original theme from the 1995 anime entitled “UTAI IV-Reawakening” and the slinky buzz composition  “Escape” from revered vanguard, trip-hop godfather Tricky which made its debut Friday. Listen below

The record assembles a cadre of electronic icons from some of today’s leading acts such as Steve Aoki and Above & Beyond to pioneers including Gary Numan, Tricky and DJ Shadow. To quietly introduce this powerhouse compilation, Richmond, VA producer and remix wizard Ki: Theory covered Depeche Mode‘s “Enjoy The Silence.“ With its stark and stirring transmissions of vocal emotion and production magic, the song soundtracked the film’s very first trailer, which cumulatively amassed over 30 million YouTube views in just under four months.

Elsewhere, German producer and DJ Boys Noize delivers an ominous synth romp in the form of “Cathryn’s Peak,which segues from a delicate build into a hypnotic harmony. Chart-dominating GRAMMY Award-nominated English trance maestros Above & Beyond contribute the subtle, yet sharp classically-induced dreamscape of “Surge,” and Johnny Jewel explores a myriad of dark aural corners with “The Hacker,”  “Free Fall” and “The Key.” Adding his own flare, DJ Shadow treads through the melancholic melodies of “Scars” [feat. Nils Frahm]. Finally, a Gary Numan gem “Bed of Thorns” fits snugly within this cross-generational dance music mosaic.

Music Inspired By Ghost In The Shell:

01 Kenji Kawai: “Utai IV Reawakening” (Steve Aoki Remix)
02 Johnny Jewel: “The Hacker”
03 Boys Noize: “Cathryn’s Peak”
04 DJ Shadow: “Scars” [ft. Nils Frahm]
05 Above & Beyond: “Surge”
06 IO Echo: “Aokigahara Forest”
07 Tricky: “Escape”
08 Ki: Theory: “Enjoy The Silence”
09 Johnny Jewel: “Free Fall”
10 Gary Numan: “Bed of Thorns”
11 Johnny Jewel: “The Key”
12 Kenji Kawai: “Utai IV Reawakening”