Lee Foss drops his first full length solo album "Alchemy" Stream the album now

Lee Foss drops his first full length solo album “Alchemy” Stream the album now

American-born producer and DJ from Chicago, Lee Foss has released his debut album ‘Alchemy’ today April 7th

In addition to a number of releases on labels such as Culprit, Wolf+Lamb and No. 19, he co-founded the dance music label Hot Creations and is a member of the house music group Hot Natured alongside Jamie Jones, Ali Love and Luca C.

Lee’s music is inspired by the musical heritage of Chicago with many influences, and has long been recognized as an artist of many talents. A steadfast visionary with his hands in all aspects of creative production, Lee’s power has always stemmed from his connection not only to the energy of the human experience but also from the way that it is expressed through the conception and performance of electronic music.

About the album, Lee says, “I titled the album Alchemy because I’ve long been fascinated by the scientific and spiritual dichotomy it represented, sort of as the crossroads of modern science and ancient spirituality and its ethos of distilling perfection in the physical and spiritual realm. It’s dismissed as pseudoscience now but most of modern chemistry and the scientific method stems from it, and I’m interested in a world that better combines the spiritual realm with the scientific and western medicine we worship today. I feel like making music is the modern alchemy as we search for that perfect series of tones to reach our magnum opus.”

Listen and Download Here

In recent history, Lee has gained recognition through the heralded Hot Natured album Different Sides of the Sun, their scintillating live performance at Coachella, and his eminent collaboration with MK and Anabel Englund “Electicity.”

Recently providing another teaser into the upcoming album ‘Laserdance’ a groove ridden house track is one of 12 tracks from ‘Alchemy’. Lee shows a refreshing appetite for sound and song structures throughout the five minute track that combines funky influences to filtered out big synths that touches on the DJ sound that has won him so many fans over the years.

In support of Alchemy, Lee will be embarking on a run of dates that will span through 2017. Stream 1st preview”Deep Congo” below.

Also recently paving the way for Lee Foss’s debut full length Alchemy is “Till The Light.” Leaning heavily on analog synths and drum machines, “Till The Light” features vocals from long time collaborator Infinity Ink and is a prime example of what’s to be expected from Alchemy. The track takes the listener on an aural journey through the end of a joyous night when the first crack of dawn breaks through. Signifying the first collaboration between Lee Foss and Infinity Ink on their own, it’s as funky and upbeat as we have come to expect from both parties over the years.

With work beginning in October 2015, Alchemy has been a long time coming for Lee, and is a cohesive body of work brimming with intent, available to the public on April 7, 2017.

Lee Foss & Infinity Ink – Till The Light listen and download here

Lee Foss – Alchemy TRACKLIST

01. Deep Congo
02. Haunted feat. Alex Mills
03. Living In The City feat. Spencer Nezey & Alex Nazar
04. Till The Light feat. Infinity Ink
05. Blue Is The Distance feat. Ali Love & Anabel Englund
06. The Gift feat. Camille Safiya
07. Transit of Venus
08. Alchemy feat. Camille Safiya
09. Green Light feat. Anjulie
10. Laserdance
11. Play With Fire feat. Josh Taylor
12. Lake Shore Drive

Keep up with Lee Foss via: www.leefoss.com

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