Kraftwerk play an Italian version of “Pocket Calculator ” Download and Play the Rhythm Machine Toy Synthesizer

In this video from in 1981 on Italy’s Rai TV network, German band Kraftwerk play live the first single released to promote the 1981 album ‘Computer World’ . But here for the occasion they play an Italian version of “Pocket Calculator,” with Ralf singing in Italian!

Kraftwerk released “Pocket Calculator in five languages, English, German, Spanish, French, and Japanese but for some reason not in Italian, so we are guessing the Live version was specially prepared for their appearance on Italian TV.

In a second video below, someone collected the English, German, French, and Japanese versions

If you’d like to see sheet music so that you can play “Pocket Calculator” on a Casio VL-80 calculator, we’ve got you sorted with that over here.

The Bee Gees Rhythm Machine Toy Synthesizer, a small keyboard that also included 4 preset rhythms, was used by Kraftwerk to play the lead on the infamous “Pocket Calculator”.

Here is the Music keyboard with music book, above Click HERE to play a Macromedia Flash version of  toy (this is a 400 Kb download). via handheldmuseumMattel

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