Stream Tube & Berger new album " We Are All Stars" ahead of Fridays release

Stream Tube & Berger new album ” We Are All Stars” ahead of Fridays release

School buses aren’t the usual catalysts for great musical achievements, but this was where Arndt Roerig and Marko Vidovic – now known around the globe as Tube & Berger – first started their musical journey. Now 15 or so years later they are two of the most seasoned house producers and in-demand remixers around, with an acclaimed studio album, releases on an array of prestigious labels, gigs at the world’s finest venues and over 25 million YouTube plays to their name. One of the biggest selling acts on Beatport in 2013 and 2014, Tube & Berger is already one of the hottest duos in the world; but this is only the beginning.

Perhaps one of the greatest strings to their bow has been the success of their own label Kittball Records, which they run along with friend and fellow DJ Juliet Sikora. As well as releasing their own music, Kittball has helped nurture the careers of Milan Euringer (alongside whom they wrote the huge underground hit ‘Lovebreak’), Jerome Robbins and Kolombo to name but a few.

It was on Kittball that Tube & Berger released their debut studio album ‘Introlution’ back in 2012. Aiming to “convey mood, great vocals and plenty of emotion”, the album boasted a collaboration with Chicago House legend Robert Owens as well as a further 14 tracks that moved from glitchy, jacking house to stripped-back Baleric vibes. Last year Kittball celebrated ten years in the industry with a European tour throughout the year.

Tube & Berger are preparing to release their sophomore album ‘We Are All Stars’ (out May 19),  the release will pick up where ‘Introlution’ left off,  a combination of their big club records to date, some vocal tracks featuring some very cool names and some more thoughtful electronica pieces. 

Stream We Are All Stars in full ahead of its release this Friday via Kittball and Embassy One. Album preorder is available here.


1. Burning Road Feat. Kingdom
2. We Are All Stars
3. Dust Feel Feat Richard Judge
4. In The Name Of
5. White Lies vs Tube & Berger – Quiet Time (Shadow Of Myself)
6. Fetzen
7. Automatic People Feat. RBBTS
8. International Corporate Motherfuckers Feat. Kyle Pearce
9. Rock N Roll Until We Die Feat Richard judge
10. Tube & Berger Feat Richard Judge – Ruckus
11 Lucky Shot
12 Loyando

‘International Corporate Motherfuckers’, which is a political tech-house stomper released to raise money for charity and is the third track from their album.

The single is out on Kittball Records and is in aid of children’s charity,It Began In Africa’, which the duo and label have a long-standing relationship with.

Tube & Berger said: “There was a time when music artists spoke truth to power, it was kind of our job, but it seems those days are over, nobody says anything about anything to anybody and especially in the dance scene. Well, in these times of trouble we are as mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore!

“Our lawyers told us we cannot explicitly name and shame those responsible but we all know who they are.

So, are you with us or against us? Do you also feel it is time that us dance people made our feelings known? If you do, you know what to do. Be part of The Solution, not The Problem.”

A digital version of ‘International Corporate Motherfuckers’ is available from April 14. You can listen to it below. The album WE ARE ALL STARS is ready to preorder