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Honsai Jnr Delivers ‘I Love You Computer LP’

It’s been awhile since we have heard from anything from Honsai Jnr the creator behind the Mega Coffee series which we featured last year bringing a wealth of stimulating electronic sounds from his small studio in Japan to the world. Returning after months of inspiring studio work his newest offering is his first collection of music that he has been preparing since his father passed away. A collection of 8 tracks in total in an LP titled I love you Computer it features the already familiar Mega Coffee, Love Tapes, Mega Coffee Part two, along with 5 new productions.

Filled with a wide array of worldly electronics of slow grooves, lovely emotional hooks and serene atmospheres which carries an admirably wonderful warm energy these enchanting sounds provide some emotional brilliance in his stylish and innovative path that is fast becoming noticed by many.  Masterfully produced music fans can add this free download to their collection as Honsai Jnr illustrates his flawless production ability in a well constructed release that is positively glowing.

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