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History and What we Offer


Thirst4Beats the No #1 Electronic Dance Music Magazine for lovers of music. An easy to navigate site that’s dedicated to finding and promoting the latest upfront music, a website that lives up to its mission. A fantastic resource for DJ/producers and fans alike with daily and current news on artists, labels and DJs, reviews and releases that offers a nice mix of content with many special features of exclusive news some music and tours.

Dedicated to worshippers of underground music from techno to house, and all its subgenres including other styles of music such as experimental, soundart, trance, bass disco and everything in-between, with a wide array of information entrapped inside this site. One of the most comprehensive online dance music sites by far, basically covering everything in the musical world far and wide.

We work directly with sources of management of international DJs, labels, artists, producers & more distributing our content through every on-line social media platform possible, dedicated to getting content seen and heard.  Standing out in a competitive world of online sites, we have been complemented with great reviews of our work from past  and present with an assorted array of artists and company’s throughout different genres calling Thirst4Beats a very reliable go-to site. Staying up to date with the current waves within the scene, we work around the clock, with a thirst and a passion focusing on digital marketing and social networking for distribution of prided content.

With over 20 year’s experience in the dance music world with a reputable gift for sound and music we cant be pigeon-holed into one genre as our tastes are varied and diversified, much like a music store. Personal experience comes from over 12 years as a professional DJ with weekly club residencies in the Gold Coast clubs, underground day clubs, regular warehouse party events also headlining spots at events  local and interstate. Other events  included appearances yearly at Australia’s exclusive Gold Coast schoolies on the beach attracting 20 000 plus of electronic music fans, lastly  appearances for specialized events for local dance music radio stations, private parties, a speciality within the dance music selection always with an ability to adapt the music to the occasion if needed.

Starting out in radio with a live weekly show on Hot FM then a move to Radio Metro secured a spot with two weekly shows  given prime time air for the next seven years, playing the latest and upfront music. Dedicated to radio enthusiasm excelled showing  a natural gift for storytelling through a journey of seamless mixing and well conducted playlists working with selected music sourced from Europe and a number of speciality Record Stores in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane weekly. One of the Gold Coast’s leading Dj’s the power of radio emphasized the skill and passion each week mixing  live from the station on Technics, broadcasting on-air radio throughout the Gold Coast  with an option for interstate and global listeners to tap in via the internet.

With all this experience the next natural step was to continue this passion with where you are now, Thirst4Beats a site continuing a massive love and passion for electronic  music. Much like a DJ there’s always that strong desire to share with the world  all that is here, which includes  news, written reviews  and all that is dedicated to dance music.

Our aim is to quench that insatiable thirst for music, with many quality music productions on offer, making it your essential No#1 stop knowing more will be showcased with creative and professional writings to detail and inform each piece of music .