French Waves – 25 Years of Electronic Music Documentary and immersive website

Through its international tour, documentary, web series, and immersive website,
FRENCH WAVES brings the history of French electronic music to life, starting in the 1990 with the early scenes out of Chicago and Detroit and ending with the latest generation of fans and artists.

Watch the French Waves documentary that gets you into a musical and visual trip to explore 25 years of electronic music! Through a series of interviews with iconic artists from yesterday and today, Julian Starke’s documentary offers a take on French electro from the younger generation’s perspective. He tracks down the American roots of techno and house music, brings the era of illegal raves to life, and tells the extraordinary tale of French Touch, a music style that has played a pivotal role in the recognition of electronic music throughout the world.

Most importantly, he showcases the newest wave of French artists, exploring how
the heirs of this modern history are making it their own.

The documentary goes with a web series, an international tour and an immersive website, to make you experience French electronic music. Watch the special 65′ documentary on Pitchfork and the 52’ version on CStar French TV channel on April, 11th. Get ready for some “French Waves”

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