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Emika’s new symphony album Melanfonie

Following Emika’s announcement and plans one year ago, to record her first symphony a project funded by Kickstarter– Emika has now released the six piece recording entitled ‘Melanfonie’ 

Producer, singer, songwriter, DJ, composer; Emika is an artist who defies convention and narrow categorisation. The AngloCzech talent was classically trained in her youth, later discovering the limitless world of electronic composition that would provide the yin to her formative yang.

Studying sound design at university, she soaked up the sounds of Bristol’s burgeoning dubstep-era bass culture before migrating to Berlin and immersing herself in the world of techno. Spending four years as a sound designer at Native Instruments’ headquarters in the city, she set up about establishing herself as a multifarious artist signing to Ninja Tune and delivering two acclaimed albums, ‘DVA’ and ‘Emika’.

Her relationship with Ninja Tune saw her support the legendary Amon Tobin across North America on his ISAM tour, and she has since taken her mesmeric live show and DJ sets across the world performing throughout Europe and in Russia and China.

In September 2015 Emika launched her most exciting project yet: a fully-fledged orchestral symphony, via Kickstarter, an enthusiastic symphony which was performed by the 70-piece Prague Metropolitan Orchestra, Michaela Srumova and Emika at the fabled Czech Radio recording studio in Prague. 

“I’ve wanted to compose a big piece for a symphony orchestra since I was a kid studying at music school”, she told CMU while launching a crowdfunding campaign for the recording in 2015. “I have attempted to create a fresh sound for the orchestra and a new context beyond the constraints of traditional classical music”.

Berlin-based musician Emika, throughout the recording maintains her signature approach of production translated into classical compositions, which was inspired by electronic music, resonant bass, echo concepts, & a beautiful soprano muse.


“I still feel that the image accompanying classical music is one of the upper class. Golden dresses, major labels and rich sponsors. The way classical music is presented on stage and its entire position within global music culture has very little connection with its creators”.

‘Melanfonie’ was released through Emika’s own Emika Records on 31 Jan.


01. Grief (Prelude)
02. The Miracle (Movement 1)
03. Letting Go (Movement 2)
04. Love (Movement 3)
05. Destiny (Movement 4)
06. Finally Free (Coda)