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DJs For Climate Action Pledge for Action!

Since 2008, DJs for Climate Action (formerly DJs Against Climate Change) has used the visibility and cultural capital of DJing as a tool to address and raise awareness about Climate Change. Through year-end carbon offset drives, DJ4CA urges the community of touring DJs to take responsibility for the impact their Air Travel has on the planet by raising money for global good.

Participants including big names like A-Trak, Soul Clap, Anna Lunoe, Grandtheft and Gigamesh have helped fund projects to build energy efficient stoves in Kenya, biodigestors in India and offer Typhoon relief to the Phillipines. Over the years, DJ4CA has raised tens of thousands of dollars and offset over 2 million pounds of Carbond Dioxide.

Brooklyn based  Sammy Bananas, a Producer and DJ on Fools Gold Records founder of DJs For Climate Action recently revealed a new logo and motivation. Our communities and the climate are under attack. We need to stand together to protect our climate, our health, and our communities. Part of that is resisting Trump’s agenda, but it’s also crucial that we build a vision of the world we want, and rise together to make it possible. 

Continuing with the biggest campaign yet: A pledge for DJs and fans the world over to use the Power of Music to amplify our roles in the Climate Movement. 

This shareable (hopefully viral!) video features our most well-known members delivering a compelling call to action. With it, we hope to reach many new eyes and entice them to join our cause. Pledge to use the power of music to amplify your voice  in protecting our planet’s future.”

Watch, Pledge & Donate and then pass on the campaign to everyone you 

Are you looking to deepen your understanding, develop your skills and connect with other creative climate leaders? We enable cultural leadership on climate change through Training, Mentoring, Events, Policy, Labs, Networking

Creative Climate Leadership is a new programme for artists and cultural professionals to explore the cultural dimensions of climate change, and take action with impact, creativity and resilience.

Creative Climate Leadership – A second training course will take place later in the year. 

Watch 3D of Massive Attack and Young Fathers as they team up for satirical short film La Fête (est Finie) about our addiction to fossil fuels

With the inauguration of this new US President comes a host of dangers for the Climate Movement. The government’s positions on energy and the environment have shifted drastically, putting to risk the progress we have made over the past decades.

Our work promoting awareness and action around Climate Change has instantly become more difficult, but also more important than ever before.  We find inspiration and motivation in this fact, and will turn up the volume against a retroactive agenda.

Our new logo, designed by friend and fellow DJs4CA member Mike Davis, is a symbol of this renewed enthusiasm towards our goals. It reflects our positive outlook – focusing on the things we can do, and looks forward to the promise and possibility of tomorrow. It uses everything we’ve learned about Hope and Change and reminds us to never let go of those lessons.

Now, more than ever, we commit to using the power of music to amplify our voices and align people towards protecting our planet’s future. In our upcoming Pledge for Action campaign, we will call on YOU; DJs, musicians, music lovers, and all citizens who care about our planet’s future, to join our coalition and make a difference. Sign up and follow us using the links below to stay updated on our work and how you can get involved.

The concept of carbon offsets is an inexact science, but we find it very valuable to use as a framework for people to engage in discussion and take some responsibility for the individual’s role in climate change.  The donation levels are based off real calculations for carbon emissions, but simplified to not bog people down in details.  If you are curious about how these numbers are determined, or would like a custom carbon footprint calculation based on your unique flights for this year, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ahead of her club night at Fabric Vivienne Westwood is inspiring you to SWITCH

Trentemoeller, Marc Houle, TSFNL, Robot Koch, Johannes Brecht, and more made Tracks from “Crying Icebergs” Against global warming and invite you to download, remix and turn them into your own songs