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DJs For Climate Action – End Of Year Campaign

Brooklyn based  Sammy Bananas, a Producer and DJ on Fools Gold Records is running the 7th annual DJs For Climate Campaign to help raise awarenes about Carbon Emissions from air travel and to offset the environmental impact of the flights DJs take to their shows.

With the rise of electronic dance culture, comes more flying hours for artists travelling the world to gigs and festivals which is vital to a DJ’s career, but its these damaging Carbon Emissions from  air-travel that leads to high contributions to Climate Change. Travel is part and parcel of the DJ life and unavoidable for sure but with awareness and support we can reverse the damaging impact on the environment through supporting Climate Conscious projects.

Over the previous years this end of year campaign has successfully offset over 2 million lbs of Carbon Dioxide by raising tens of thousands of dollars towards Climate Conscious projects, this year teaming up with acclaimed Swiss non-profit myclimate who fund projects like the building of energy efficient stoves in Kenya and biodigestors in India, initiatives which not only reduce Carbon Emissions in the fastest growing parts of the world, but are also of great assistance to the people living there.

This year the growing campaign which started on Dec 10 finishing in just a few days December 31, 2014 aims to connect DJs and fans making the biggest impact the project can to help the planet and those in need through donations to balance our community’s Carbon Karma with heavy-weight supporters A-Trak , Anna Lunroe, Soul Clap and many others all contributing to help this great campaign.

To find out more or to help make it happen and do good with DJ’s For Climate Action visit the official site here