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DJ Food returns with the third of his Future Shock mixes

Kevin Foakes aka Strictly Kev aka DJ Food, has been DJing for over 30 years now and collecting vinyl for longer. With a record collection in the region of 10,000 + of 7″, 12″ and LPs plus lots of other odd formats that he collects. It’s housed in his studio in custom built shelves that include drawers for 45s, cassettes and CDs. There’s a fairly extensive article with photos on the Dust & Grooves website with a special mix of his musical influences

DJ Food returns to Ninja Tunes’ Solid Steel Radio Show with the third of his Future Shock mixes, a collection of retro-futuristic sounds from the past and present. It sees classics from Gary Numan, Mr Fingers, Grandmaster Flash, Bam Bam, S’Express and Herbie Hancock given a 21st Century update and a healthy dose of acid.

Hour 1 – DJ Food Future Shock 3

Jim Henson – Drums West
The Human League – Being Boiled (Fast)
Mophono – Snotz 35 (unreleased)
Gary Numan – Films (DJ Butcher Instrumental) (mp3)
Gil Scott Heron – Where Did The Night Go? (XL Recordings)
Sasqwax – Dr Who (Psychcast 27 extract mp3)
Mophono – Cut Form Crush Jam (CB Records)
Datashat – Stop The Message (widescreen edit) (Handsettle)
Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds – The Right Stuff (Psychemagik Remix) (Sour Mash)
Wolf Muller – Dickicht (J.T.C. mix) (Themes For Great Cities)
Interloper – He’s Gone Away (Inky Blackness)
John Grant – Voodoo Doll (Satellites remix) (Bella Union)
Dauerfisch – Es Läuft (Bungalow)
Jungle Brothers – Beyond This World (accapella) (Warner Bros)
Mr Fingers – Can You Feel It? (Fingers On The MPC Version by Third World Orchestra) (mp3)
Boards of Canada – Everything You Do Is a Balloon (Skam)
Bomb The Bass – One To One Religon (skankapella) (Stoned Heights)
Den Sorte Skole – Heli Yosa (self-released)
The Comet Is Coming – Neon Baby (Leaf)
John Williams – The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) (RSO)
The Shamen – Phorward (Moksha Records)
Adonis – No Way Back (London Records)
Ego Troopers – Where’s Your Child? (Bam Bam Cover) (mp3)
P Lopez & Octavio – ICE (LPZ Records)
Radio Slave – Dedication (DJ Food club edit) (RKDS)
Black Devil – H FRIEND (Turzi remix) (Lo Recordings)
Arpadys – Monkey Star (Because Music)
S’Express – Lollypop (Chris & Cosey Remix) (Needle Boss Records)

with interjections from ‘This Is Marshall McLuhan’ and ‘Magic Trip’


Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel together as Grandbrothers follow up for Hour 2. They combine classical composition with modern, experimental production and sound design. Their debut album Dilation was recorded using a grand piano and a series of self-built electromechanical hammers, which were triggered to ‘play’ the piano, creating new and previously undiscovered sounds.

On Oct 14 a remix EP of the debut album Dilation will be released on the label FILM. It contains reinterpretations from Djrum, FaltyDL, Portable Sunsets and Grand Optimist. The following mix ” is a collection of recent favorites of us with no intention to stay in one style”

Chilly Gonzales – Advantage Points (Gentle Threat)
Mr. Beatnick – Synthetes (Don’t Be Afraid)
Drumtalk – Time (Huntleys & Palmers)
Linkwood – What’s Up With The Underground (Firecracker Recordings)
Jono McCleery – Ballade (Djrum Remix) (Ninja Tune)
Four Tet – For These Times (Four Tet Self-Released)
Jürgen Paape – So Weit Wie Noch Nie (Kompakt)
Bela Bartok – Sz. 84 Rondos on Slovak Folk Tunes – No. 1 Andante (Sony)
Rival Consoles – Lone (Erased Tapes)
Lamont feat. Grim Sickers- Death Slide (Keysound Recordings)
Tall Black Guy – The Heart Of The Town (Self-Released)
Fatima – It Keeps Raining (Eglo)
Photay – Illusion of Seclusion (Astro Nautico)
Hülya Süer – Seker Oglan (Kozmonot Remix) (Sahinler)
Fazil Say – Black Earth (Naive)


Future Shock was a 2hr mix that DJ Food cooked up for an online ‘pirate’ radio station a couple of friends set up earlier called Altar Ego Radio. Billed as ‘Music from the Future you remember from your Past’, he mixed sci-fi electronica with a retro feel from Jokers of the Scene, Falty DL. The Books, Sculpture, Nico Motte and Jeremy Schmidt. Here’s the Future Shock mix 1`


Orson Welles _ Future Shock _ unknown
unknown _ This Is Not What Space Is About _ Private press CD
Ganzfeld _ The Liars Paradox _ Rotary Tower
Working For a Nuclear Free City _ Pixelated Birds _ Melodic
Four Tet _ Druid 1 _ free mp3
The Books _ Group Autogenics II _ Temporary Residence
Jokers of the Scene _ Stoned In Death Valley _ Throne of Kanada
Jokers of the Scene _ Umbilical Chords _ Throne of Kanada
Giallos Flame _ Carpenter’s Groove _ Rotary Tower
Illum Sphere _ Embryonic (Lone remix) _ Ninja Tune
Dobie _ She Moans (Falty DL remix) _ Ninja Tune
Run The Jewels _ Get It _ Big Dada
Machinedrum _ Nu Jack _ Ninja Tune
Om Unit _ Ether _ Terrorhythm Recordings
Jokers of the Scene _ A Night On The Town _ Throne of Blood
Jeremy Schmidt _ Opening title of Beyond The Black Rainbow _ Death Waltz
Sculpture _ Plastic Infinite _ Tapebox
JuJu & Jordash _ Stroop _ Throne of Blood
Delia Derbyshire / Berry Bermange _ Dreams / falling _ BBC
Falty DL _ King Brute feat Shanghai Den _ Ninja Tune
Jokers of the Scene _ This is Newsbeat _ Throne of Kanada
Herbie Hancock _ a snatch of American Megamix _ CBS
LJ Kruzer _ Tam _ Uncharted Audio
unknown _ This Is Not What Space Is About (excerpt 2) _ Private press CD
Jeremy Schmidt _ Sentionaut _ Death Waltz

DJ Food returns with a second instalment of his Future Shock series – mixes with a bias towards the purely electronic and largely instrumental end of the spectrum. Ninja Tune acts Machinedrum, Falty DL and Martyn rub transistors with Sinoia Caves, Pye Corner Audio and Silent Servant. Old hands The Human League, Carpenter & Howarth and Psychic TV are present, even Queen get a look in. Sandwiched in the middle is a lengthy excerpt of Tangerine Dream’s ‘Tru Metamorphic Rocks’ in dedication to founder Edgar Froese .


Future Shock 2
Machine Drum – Tried & True (Ninja Tune)
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth – Robots Kill Grimsbridge (Death Waltz)
Divine Styler – Images On a Screen (Gamma Proforma)
Queen – Ming’s Theme (in the court of Ming the Merciless) (EMI)
Sinoia Caves – Forever Dilating Eye (Death Waltz)
Divine Styler – Def Mask (Gamma Proforma)
The Advisory Circle – Escape Lane (Ghost Box)
The Human League – Toyota City (Fast)
Ukkonen – Total Syzygy (Uncharted Audio)
Falty DL – Great Antilles VIP (Ninja Tune)
Tangerine Dream – Movements Of A Visionary (excerpt) (Virgin)
Andy Partridge – Powers 3 (Ape House)
Not Waving – Protect The Revolution (Ecstatic)
Tangerine Dream – Thru Metamorphic Rocks (excerpt) (Virgin)
Psychic TV – Alien Be-In (Silent Servant remix) (Dark Entries)
Prince – The Future (Remix) (Warner Bros)
Herbie Hancock – American megamix (excerpt) (CBS)
Pye Corner Audio – The Black Mist (Front & Follow)
Wild Honey – An Army of Fat Synths (Emperor Machine mix Pts I & II – EDIT) (Lovemonk)
Martyn – Drones (Ninja Tune)
An-i – Rut (Cititrax)
Silent Servant – The Strange Attractor (Hospital Productions)