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Dave Clarke releases his first full length album in 14 yrs feat Mark Lanegan, Mt. Sims, Gazelle Twin, Anika and Louisahhh

Dave Clarke is a DJ with an anarchist streak a mile wide and punk in his soul.

Nothing says this as potently as his new album, ‘The Desecration of Desire’ his third full length album to be released this month. Electronic to the hilt yet full of rich, dark songwriting, it’s been almost two years in the making and comes 14 years after his last full-length outing.

Over the last three decades, Clarke has proved a singular voice in the underground dance world, and in this new album, the long-time pioneer once again showcases his studio skills and musical vision across 10 tracks that go well beyond the dance floor.

“The desire to write songs has been bubbling in me for ages,” Clarke explains, “My first album was a collection of tracks, the ‘Red’ series of EPs, plus other stuff. With my second, even access to my studio was an issue. Those two felt like collections. This one’s more like a book, a chronology. I’m so happy with my studio. I’ve stayed away from club music. Finally, it’s just me, my imagination and a touch of fearlessness about opening up.” 

The album itself contains very little techno. “Not because I don’t like it—I live and breathe it every single week—but I wanted to make an album that was not a collection of club tracks. I listen to many types of music all the time and I felt free for the first time to implement this approach for my own project.” As such it comes coloured with the perspectives of “some delightful, intelligent and deep people who inspired me in their own way” such as LOUISAHHH, Mark Lanegan, Mt. Sims, Anika, Gazelle Twin and Keith Tenniswood.

The Desecration Of Desire album from Techno heavyweight Dave Clarke is a dark, ruthless journey, a coherent and cohesive album that is autobiographical from start to finish: it distills Clarke’s life long love of punk, new wave, noise and industrial into something truly original and wholly spellbinding. In short, Dave Clarke might be established, but he will never be establishment.

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The Desecration Of Desire Deluxe Vinyl LP (Ltd Edition, Black Vinyl) (Signed)
The Desecration Of Desire Vinyl LP (Oxblood Red Vinyl)

The first release from Clarke’s third full length, ’Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears)’ featuring the vocals of former QOTSA member and Gutter Twins legend Mark Lanegan.

  Mark’s gritty vocals sit perfectly over Dave’s incisive, floor driven drums as the track builds to an intense conclusion with the words “I have fucked with the past, now it is time to dance with the future” the first track off the album epitomises what Dave Clarke sounds like and speaks about, in 2017.

The Desecration Of Desire begins with the arresting and abrasive sounds of “Exquisite”, with industrial textures and heavy broken beats immediately grabbing your attention. ‘Is Vic There?’ is a cover of the Department S classic that meant so much to Clarke when growing up, a dark, heavyweight, slow motion slice of new wave with LOUISAHHH’s simmering vocals finishing it in style. On ‘Frisson’, Dave teams up with Matthew Sims AKA Mt. Sims, bringing more moody post-punk tension with its cold and stark drums and rumbling bass, before the driving ‘Plasmatic’ is the closest the album comes to hinting at Clarke’s ‘day job’.

On ‘Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears)’, Dave invited former Queens Of The Stone Age and Screaming Trees legend Mark Lanegan to Amsterdam, where the pair recorded the single that has already proved such a hit.

Lanegan also features on ‘Monochrome Sun’, a brain twisting track full of fizzing feedback and distorted drums, while ‘Cover Up My Eyes’ is a paranoid and post-human techno track with vocals courtesy of Anti-Ghost Moon Ray’s Gazelle Twin barely perceptible between the twisted rhythms and dense electronics.

Another stand out track on the album is ‘I’m Not Afraid’, with sublime vocals by Anika and bass by Keith Tenniswood AKA Radioactive Man making for an irresistible blend of industrial funk before the grit of ‘Death Of Pythagorus’ makes for a bleak and cinematic end.

The second release from Clarke’s third album ’The Desecration Of Desire’ which epitomises what Dave Clarke sounds like and speaks about, in 2017.

Says Clarke: “I bought Anika’s album from Get Records in Amsterdam when it came out, Masters of War was the track for me and I have always thought about working together on a bass heavy track and her lyrics here are sublime and political”.

Remixes to follow fr Surgeon and The Hacker.

1. I’m Not Afraid (feat Anika) – Original Mix

2. I’m Not Afraid (feat Anika) – Surgeon remix
3. I’m Not Afraid (feat Anika) – The Hacker remix

A 10 track release that makes an instant impression, The Desecration Of Desire prioritizes in perfection while the seasoned veteran remains unapologetically himself, thats ultimately rewarded with an album confidently delivered in ambitious impulses and smart collaborations. Once again its a true testament to Clarks love and thirst for making music, a success story that lies in his deep commitment to his fans and passion for performance.

The Desecration Of Desire
Release Date: 27th October 2017 (SKINT)

01 – Exquisite
02 – Is Vic There? (feat. LOUISAHHH)
03 – Frisson (feat. Mt. Sims)
04 – Plasmatic
05 – Dot Forty One (Mute)
06 – Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears) (feat. Mark Lanegan)
07 – Monochrome Sun (feat. Mark Lanegan)
08 – Cover Up My Eyes (feat. Gazelle Twin)
09 – I’m Not Afraid (feat. Anika)
10 – Death Of Pythagoras