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Dave Clarke Set to Tour

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Dave Clarke


 Dave Clarke returns for his Australian tour this October! 

Tour Dates

Friday 24th October: Brown Alley – Melbourne
Saturday 25th October: Chinese Laundry – Sydney

Dave Clarke is The Baron of Techno, a digital pioneer and a true living legend. Making his debut release in 1990, Clarke is not only the authority on techno but someone few artists could hold a candle to. With an incredible list of achievements, Clarke is not one to hold back but rather push the boundaries any way he can. Giving vinyl the flick over 11 years ago, Clarke continues to push techno further into the future, beyond the tunnel vision of all the cynics who have criticised his innovation and unique perspective.

The Baron Of Techno, a moniker given to him by renowned BBC Radio DJ / journalist John Peel, but Dave Clarke has an anarchist streak a mile wide and punk in his soul, having no truck with establishment figures or authoritarianism. A hard working purist, forward thinking futurist, technology geek, part Gothic and gadget lover who embraced the digital revolution in an early stage while his peers where still sniffing the smell of vinyl, a format he hasn’t used professionally in eleven years. It’s unsurprising he revels in the libertarianism of the World Wide Web. 

Starting off a career as a producer, Dave Clarke saw his debut release in 1990 on the legendary XL Recordings under his Hardcore guise which gained him moderate success. As a result, Clarke was approached by Belgian techno label R&S and released various EP’s under the aliases Hardcore and Directional Force in 1991. A year later, Clarke shaped the contours of his own label Magnetic North on which he unveiled the classic ‘Alkaline 3dh’ (as Fly By Wire), amongst many releases.

Clarke’s career took a 180 when his ‘Red’ trilogy was unleashed on Bush Records in 1994; undisputed landmarks in the techno genre and for Clarke personally, a life changing event. It comes as no surprise that DJ Mag incorporated one of the Red‘s in its ‘All Time Techno Top 100’ list. The Red instalment catapulted Clarke‘s status; the Briton suddenly found himself in his studio remixing for the likes of Kevin Saunderson’s Inner CityThe Chemical BrothersNew OrderDepeche ModeMobyLeftfield and Underworld to name but a few.

The debut album ‘Archive One’ followed, flecked with hints of breakbeat and electronica, a novelty in the puritanical techno scene of the time. His mix CD’s included the two best-selling World Service outings (one of which made it into the top ten of best mix compilations of the 00’s in Resident Advisor) which showcased his dual love for electro and techno, one of them sold close to 100k copies no less. He briefly signed to Skint Records resulting in 2004’s ‘Devil’s Advocate’ album, jammed with dark techno energy but laced with hip hop beats. When his production pace ebbed, Music Man Records gathered together ‘Remixes & Rarities’ in 2007, making Album Of The Month in Mixmag and receiving critical plaudits all over.

Clarke‘s vast determination to stubbornly follow his own path in the music industry, along with his outspoken opinion on many a subject, was not hailed by his peers with enthusiasm on many occasions. Criticized for being a futurist in the early zeros – he was the first techno artist to release an internet only single in 2000 – his main motive was, and still is, to deliver music to the ears of his global audience oblivious to pigeonholes, politics, prejudice or other people’s opinions. 

As Clarke explains: “This is techno, it’s supposed to be forward-looking”

After things eventually went quiet on the production front, Clarke felt that today’s technology finally allowed him to use studio gear to the maximum, next to the urge to reinvent himself rather than repeat himself. In late 2011, Clarke picked up where he had left off. He came across the young Amsterdam based talent Mr. Jones who consequently fed Clarke with his demos. Clarke noticed his potential and soon formed a duo named Unsubscribe.

Early 2013 saw the return of Dave Clarke as a solo producer by revamping ‘These Days Are Mine’ by Manchester band I Am Kloot, electro style. The re-release of ‘Wisdom To The Wise’ (Red 2) on Boysnoize Records in March 2013 (with ground breaking remixes by Boys NoizeMarcel DettmanSteve Rachmad and A.Mochi) and Unsubscribe‘s debut EP on Fabric‘s imprint Houndstooth in April 2013 showcases that Clarke finds himself back on the international music map.

And then there’s ‘White Noise’Clarke‘s weekly radio show. For many years, ‘White Noise’ has been and still is an absolute institution for techno and electro globally and an indicator of where the scene is headed. The thrust of the show is to cast light on new talented producers and exciting new music; music by both established as well as aspiring producers Clarke discovers in his Dropbox each and every day that won’t have normally be given a chance. Since the split up with Dutch radio broadcaster VPRO (3FM), Clarke moved ‘White Noise’ to the Irish radio station 2FM RTE and French online and airwave station Radio FG. In February 2013, White Noise was expanded to wider grounds when the show joined the award winning web radio Digitally Imported (DI.fm), with many more additional stations to follow in 2013.

An official ambassador for global brands like DenonSeratoSoundtoys and French gear manufacturer ArturiaDave Clarke continued his newfound love for making music in 2013, gathering air miles by the gallon and preaching his vision on techno both on the decks and on the radio, whilst never forgetting the long and bumpy journey he had to undertake to get where he is now: on top of the game, respected by both fans and peers and very much relevant in today’s scene.

He might be established, but he will never be establishment.