Bwana’s love of vintage ‘90s electro and classic progressive trance can be heard on his new EP

Canadian born producer now residing in Berlin, Bwana real name Nathan Micay, has released his latest a three track EP that combines his love of vintage ‘90s electro and classic progressive trance, out on the 17 Steps label.

Achieving widespread critical acclaim with last year’s techno homage to the Akira soundtrack – ‘Capsules Pride’ – on LuckyMe, also one of T4B end of year album highlights, Bwana has since released EPs on his club ready home Aus  to name just a few that have been played out on the floor of Berghain Panorama Bar, where he can be found regularly spinning many fan favourites.

On this EP, the Canadian producer presents three contrasting but cohesive tracks in the dark acidic ‘Three Way Is The Hard Way’, hypnotic dark trance builder  ’Hell Is Other Robots’ and classic electro homage ‘On Patrol For Their Control’.

Completing the package, San Francisco-born Avalon Emerson  completes the package with her remix of ‘Three Way Is The Hard Way’ turning the original’s twisted sonics into a glitchy percussive groover.

  1. 01. Three Way Is The Hard Way
  2. 02. Three Way Is The Hard Way (Avalon Emerson Remix)
  3. 03. On Patrol For Their Control
  4. 04. Hell Is Other Robots