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Breaking News: Windows 93 receives long over due update

Heres a nostalgic trip I came across a few months back, not sure why I never posted this one to this site, but hey now I know why. On June 9th  Windows 93 received a long over due update, to version 2.

Better late than never I say, and be warned, you can lose alot of time here with this glitchy web browser that emulates a Windows 95-style interface thats packed with a bunch of fun programs all in your browser.

And unlike some Windows, this one has a heap of running patches, huge sound folder, various music modules and apps. Pretty sure this little instrument is implemented somewhere in this site, which says is a simple “instrument” that allows you to fetch any track from soundcloud and turn it into a drone by using paulstretch and bit of amplitude modulation and filtering.

Theres heaps of stuff to explore with applications that riff on the disk defragmenter, solitaire and a virus scanner, plenty of humourous jokes on board too. Doing a bit of a search, there’s games, if your into them you will come across this

Honestly heaps of stuff, Piskel a functional pixel editor/mini-Photoshop, cool if you want to dabble in 8-bit graphics, LSDJ,  an embedded gameboy emulator, acid box, and plenty of NSFW folders. Too many things to mention, dive in and check it all out HERE

animate.css | CSS animations | Pixel Art and Animated Sprites editor
GameBoy-Online | GameBoy Color emulator written in JavaScript
clmtrackr | Javascript library for facial tracking
WebPd | Run your Pure Data patches on the web. | JavaScript 3D library | text editor implemented in JavaScript for the browser | Canvas Oldshool Demo Effect Framework | Star Wars Asciimation
jGravity | A jQuery Gravity Plugin
howler.js | Modern Web Audio Javascript Library
html5bytebeat | Bytebeats in HTML5
html5-wolfenstein3D | HTML5 Wolfenstein 3D | Pixel font
Clippy.js | Clippy in JavaScript
Noah Blon | Divide by zero effect
Progress Quest | The role-playing game
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