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Before Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Developed A Free Media Music Player Also – 51 projects all available for free download.

Mark Zuckerberg is founder, chairman, and CEO of social network giant Facebook, which he started as an undergraduate at Harvard. Facebook’s guiding principle, as laid out by Zuckerberg, is what he calls the “Hacker Way”–an identity that means questioning assumptions, moving fast, taking risks, sharing information, and learning from other smart people.

When Mark Zuckerberg built Jarvis–the highly personal home AI assistant he gave it the ability to recommend music to himself and his wife, Priscilla Chan, based on what it learned about their tastes in tunes.

What some might not know, it is a continuation of an interest that goes back to his High school days. When Zuckerberg was in high school, he and friend Adam D’Angelo developed Synapse, an MP3 player that could analyze what you liked to listen to and suggest playlists. When he entered Harvard, the school’s Crimson newspaper wrote about the project and illustrated it with a fuzzy photo of its creators.

The article says that Zuckerberg and D’Angelo turned down a $950,000 offer for the software because they preferred to go to college, and that they feared that one suitor, Microsoft, was out to rip them off. It’s an amazing time capsule, and fodder for a fun, unanswerable question: Would the world be meaningfully different today if Mark Zuckerberg had ended up as a music-player product manager for Microsoft?


Synapse Media Player was basically built for all kinds of music lovers. From [website is dead 🙁 ] download page:

Who wants Synapse? 

Listeners of the MP3. Students. Elevator operators. Makers of other media players. Programmers. Gangsters. Punks. Nerds. Really big nerds. Even ones from Yemen. Yeah, plenty of those. Competitors. Winners. People who exercise to Rocky music. Will Deringer. Audiophiles. Revolutionaries. Even Canadians. Quality people. Gastroenterologists. Bums. Lots of bums. Evil geniuses. Classics professors. Chinese people. Wine connoisseurs. Businessmen. Rabbis. Dew drinkers. Sherpas. Dictators. Professional servants. People with special powers. People who come through in the clutch. You.

Synapse still has a lot to offer those who invest some time in it. The Media Player works on the concept of Artificial Intelligence with some mathematics, and continually learns your music taste as you use it—not only what you want to hear but when—and it attunes playlists to your own patterns.

Synapse loads your library when first launched and takes notes on your selections whenever you use it to play music. Give it a few days, then activate the Brain, which will play what it thinks you want to hear. You can download Synapse Media Player in for free, or available HERE

A well known philanthropist, Zuckerberg’s desire to promote the welfare of others has been expressed with several projects and generous donations of money to good causes, over the years. His most recent project Zuckerberg and his wife Chan in 2015, marked the birth of their daughter by announcing philanthropic plans for their $45billion facebook fortune. They announced the formation of the new Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which will focuses on two primary goals; ‘advancing human potential and promoting equality.’

He speaks more of this in his recent talk at Harvard which you can listen to below or hit the link here and read in full.

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