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Bad Stream prep self titled album with “Already Dark”

Already Dark is the first single of Bad Streams debut album which will be released on April 6th on ANTIME Records.

In French, “l’appel du vide” connotes the siren song beckoning you to throw yourself into the void, down the abyss – simply because there is no worse idea. But what if what’s calling to you so irresistibly is not nothingness but abundance? It is, indeed, the ever-present backdrop to our lives: information both redundant and relevant, breaking news, fake news, late capitalist memes, cat content, dystopian tech documentaries, iconic music clips, the White House live stream, endless playlists, sponsored stories, unanswered emails, selfies taken before getting up and then after, of expanding algorithms and monologues. And all of it only serves to ask one question: are you listening?

Having grown up with and on the internet, Martin Steer (1986) has transformed its pull into a concept album that is just as immediate and intangible as the digital world. Bad Stream is guitars and machines vanishing in the spaces between Radiohead, Notwist and Nine Inch Nails only to reemerge amidst ambient, noise, and drone. It marks Martin’s attempt to release his own history, alienation and loneliness into the chaos of the digital world and to retain their substance in doing so.



Already Dark is distinctly post-industrial in composition, commenting in its seven minutes on our accelerating world of face recognition, big data, species extinction, mind hacks and human uploads. It is a psycho collage about a time, where everything seems to be overheated, simulated and programmed – digital capitalism, polar icecaps, hypertransparent individuals dazed by networks and the total alienation by artificial intelligence and virtual reality.