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Save The Forte Crowdfunding Campaign

After 4 editions of Festival Forte, never going mainstream, they’re asking for your help to host their next festival held in August this 2018. The annual music festival set in the beautiful Montemor-O-Velho Castle in Portugal each year boasts an impressive selection … Continue reading

A new project maps and documents the different sounds of protest and demonstration.

The sound art and field recording project, Cities and Memories has created “ a thought provoking collection and global mapping of the sounds of Protest and Political activism publishing their work in a new sound map and extensive project that … Continue reading

Listen to DJ Hell’s Sunday techno surmon inside St Paul’s Gothic Cathedral for Melbourne Music Week

Arriving back on Australian soil last month, German techno legend DJ Hell performed an Australian exclusive show as a headline act for Melbourne Music Week inside the historic St Paul’s Cathedral, on the first Saturday night November 18th. Missed the Sunday sermon, well needless to say … Continue reading

Ecuador’s Nicola Cruz & “Espíritu de Protección” includes Flute-A-Pella DJ tool

Ecuadorian DJ and producer, Nicola Cruz’s sound is organic and spiritual. For his latest release Espìritu on Multi Culti, Cruz marries a sense of the natural beauty and folkloric rituals of his native Ecuador with a more contemporary, electronic sound palette. With a background … Continue reading

10 lessons from the Obama Foundation Summit

Three weeks ago, the first Obama Foundation Summit brought together hundreds of leaders from around the world to exchange ideas and explore creative solutions to common problems in our communities. We wanted to share the top 10 takeaways that came … Continue reading

Sydney Rave History has the largest collection of Australian mixtape links in one place. All downloadable for your aural pleasure.

Here is a place to hear the rave sounds of yester-year. Sydney Rave History documents pictures, mixes and memories from the rave days with a list of all major rave parties in Sydney from 1989-1997. There is also a comprehensive … Continue reading

Before Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Developed A Free Media Music Player Also – 51 projects all available for free download.

Mark Zuckerberg is founder, chairman, and CEO of social network giant Facebook, which he started as an undergraduate at Harvard. Facebook’s guiding principle, as laid out by Zuckerberg, is what he calls the “Hacker Way”–an identity that means questioning assumptions, … Continue reading

“Wake Up With the World” – The Generative Music Alarm Clock”

Eric Rieper’s “Wake Up With the World” is a unique interpretation of the alarm clock that creates a unique musical experience based on how many other people are waking up at the same time. The iOS applications translates GPS coordinates into … Continue reading

EMC & Night Mayor of Amsterdam announce full lineup for inaugural Global Cities After Dark forum

Updated; The Night Mayor of Amsterdam is coming to Sydney as part of Sydney’s annual Electronic Music Conference in November! The Global Cities After Dark program curated and presented via the collaboration of Mirik Milan, the Night Mayor Amsterdam and … Continue reading

Tap Into China’s Electronic Dance Music Boom And Make Money From Your Music In The Top 30+ Chinese Outlets & Streaming Services For FREE

Updated: “I think we’ll start to see international artists wanting to ‘break China’ just as much as they’ve always wanted to ‘break America’,” says Stu Bergen, chief executive for international and global commercial services at Warner Music. – Financial Times With Asia-Pacifics … Continue reading