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Artist Update for Jacob van Hage









On September 9th, Jacob will make his debut on the Canary Islands on the Summerjam Festival in Tenerife! Limited tickets are still available at ……








London, are you ready for some mayhem? Progression Sessions invited Jacob to mess up their dance floor on September 12th! Get your tickets while you can, they’re going fast… …





Jacob will be back in his hometown Rotterdam for the first time in a while, playing the Bang Your Hat event at Factory 010! Amongst Jacob you can also see Jochem Hamerling (SlamFM!) and Dirt Caps. Get your tickets at …





The old Mayans predicted the world would end on December 21st, 2012. Well, that’s when their calendar ended and doomsday enthousiasts we are… you know the rest!

What better way to end the world then with one final, big, awesome party? That’s right! On December 20, Jacob will play the official Maya Festival of 2012 alongside Tritonal, Will Holland and others….

Want to join us on our final party? Get your tickets at







Back in May 2012, Jacob made his South American debut on Illusion Music Fest in Venezuela! The official aftermovie is finally here for everybody to enjoy the night once more. Check it out below, it was absolute mayhem!!!

Check for all tourdates!

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