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Andre Kronert’s Odd Even announces 2 releases with Jeroen Search and Johannes Heil

Andre Kronert’s Odd Even Records, founded in 2014, with a strong hold of twelve EPs with some of today’s most talked about artists, is lining up 2 new releases.


One of the most authentic techno producers around, Jeroen Search known for his genre defining inimitable sound, the veteran is today where he’s always been, at the very edge of contemporary techno. This August 28th, Jeroen Search will release on Odd Even Records his 6 track Continuum EP available on 12″ and digital.

Constantly pushing his creativity by trying to get the most out of a minimal setup Jeroen activeness in the studio is a source of inspiration, with his approach to music production an unorthodox one; he records all his tracks in a single take and does all his editing live. His tracks, while audibly open to new and exciting musical influences, always remain true to that typical, inimitable Search-sound and truly timeless nature. 

Recently Slam interviewed Jeroen in another instalment of ‘5MinutesWith’ talking the changing musical landscape, the thought process before a show, and equipment that Jeroen uses when producing in the studio talking the readers through his process of writing tracks? Read his answer below and head over here to read the full interview.

The equipment I use for doing my music depends on the mood I am in, or the way I want the track to sound. Amongst my favorite gear is the JX3P, TR909 and you can do very cool stuff with just those two alone.  I try to do different things with the same gear all the time, so I won’t get bored in my studio. Currently I do a lot of more dub-oriented tracks, and I’m also very into making soundscapes right now.  And every now and then some serious banging techno track pops out. For me writing the tracks is just hitting the record button and capture the mood of that time.

Jeroen Search – Continuum EP (August 28th)

A1 – Explain Variation 2
A2 – Without Abrupt Changes
A3 – Quantitative Transitions
B1 – Contiuum
B2 – Explain Variation 1
B3 – Continuous or Discrete

Johannes Heil is about to release his 11th studio album ‘Gospel’, on Odd Even records, their first full-length album by one of the true pioneers of the German techno scene. Showing all different sides and styles of his productions, Johannes’ 15 track long player includes 2 tracks in collaboration with Markus Suckut which will be released on October 3rd as 4×12″ gatefold vinyl, ‘Gospel’, will come with 2xCD version inside. 

Coinciding with the anniversary day of the german unification, Johannes Heils 11th studio album ‘Gospel’, is a very special one, since it is a vast collection of all his personal favourite tunes touching various genres of music, such as detroit influenced techno, house, dub, ambient, trip hop and soul.

Hardly any other producer has blessed the genre with so many productions. His early works have long since become part of the long term memory of Techno history, his musical passion remain as strong and vibrant as ever. Blending tradition and progress, past and future, his work is the soundtrack for the now.

A1 – Gospel One
A2 – Gospel Two
B1 – Gospel Three
B2 – Gospel Four
C1 – Gospel Five
C2 – Gospel Six
D1 – Gospel Seven
D2 – Gospel Eight
E1 – Gospel Nine
E2 – Gospel Ten
F1 – Gospel Eleven (with Markus Suckut)
F2 – Gospel Twelve (with Markus Suckut)
G1 – Gospel Thirteen
H1 – Gospel Fourteen
H2 – Gospel Fifteen