A page of free online resources that will spark your music curiosity in creative ways

A page of free online resources that will spark your music curiosity in creative ways

If you’ve always wanted to learn about music and how to get started using technology, these set of links will spark your curiosity in all kinds of ways.

With plenty of bookmarked free online resources collected its time to bring them together which can be incredibly useful if you’re away from your main music workstation. Things like online BPM counters, tuners, virtual instruments and web based music sequencers can be life savers when you’re making music or recording audio outside of your studio.

NP Have another 60 -70 projects to upload will do this over the next week

Free Patches

HOLLOW SUN offers handcrafted samples as a whole bunch of freebies 

ADSR | A huge selection of free preset packs from leading sound designers.

Rekkerd | A huge archive of free patches for virtual instruments.

KVR Audio | Database of patches and sound banks submitted by KVR Audio members.

AudioBombs | A fresh archive of free synth patches and sound banks.

BigTick Zen | Manage and launch all your synth patches from a single plugin.

Music Tools

Online Instruments

Space Bumps browser synthesizer to create experimental and ambient soundscapes

World’s largest modular synthesizer  Try it out here and learn more

Make beats in your browser with 108 a minimal beat machine

Explore Harmonies in Your Browser with This Free Arpeggiator

Digital Audio Workstation of over 60 Flash Vintage Projects

Patatap | A free jamming and beat making tool.

Type Drummer What Drum Loop Does Your Name Play

BlokDust | An impressive online modular environment for music making (Chrome)

KiKi | Online tool for sampling and chopping.

Theremin | A free touch friendly synthesizer which works great as a dub siren.

WAVE-PD1 | Another touch friendly virtual instrument.

Tibersynth | Make totally weird noises and swooshes with your mouse.

Websynths | Powerful VA synthesizer with a built-in preset manager.

Chrome Music Lab. Blending music and technology.

106.js | A Roland Juno-106 emulation with MIDI support in Chrome.

WebModular | Play a modular synthesizer in your web browser.

TrueGrid | A complex modular synthesizer with patch saving and audio export.

Tanguy | Virtual analogue synthesizer capable of processing external audio.

Patchwork | An awesome experimental modular synthesizer. Build your synth from scratch.

Acid Machine Beta | A pair of TB-303 bass modules and one TR-909 drum machine.

AngryOctopus | A collection of web-based virtual instruments (requires Java).

PatternSketch | Cool grid based sequencer with several kits and export functionality.

Tonematrix | A simple tone matrix from the makers of Audiotool.

Otomata | Another matrix sequencer for jamming and inspiration.

PulseBoy | Free Game Boy style tracker.

Seaquence | A totally weird generative music sequencer.

SiON FM Synthesizer WF-1 | Neat FM synthesizer with a mouse controlled filter.

WebSID | Browser based Commodore 64 style synthesizer.

MiniGoog | A Minimoog Google Doodle in celebration of Robert Moog’s 78th birthday.

Sample-stitch | Re-create iconic hip hop tunes with your computer keyboard.

Musical Keyboard | A really simple online piano keyboard.

Sampulator Make Beats in your Browser 

 Music DNA visualizes the frequencies of an MP3

LOOP makes you a composer create a song in less than a minute

Online Drum Machines

WebAudio Drum Machine | Online drum sequencer with several kits and effects.

HTML5 Drum Machine | Create classic drum machine loops and export the results to WAV.

FL 909 | Free Roland TR-909 emulation.

808 | A simple Roland TR-808 kit for online jamming.

Sequence | Free drum pattern generator with over 100 free drum samples.

Monkey Machine | A simple free drum machine from the creator of MauSynth.

Qwerty Beats | Online drum machine with a freaky mouse controlled synth.

JS-909 | Web based drum machine (requires QuickTime).

Drum Kit | You, your computer keyboard and 26 weird samples.

 “Soundplant 45” The Computer Keyboard Sound Triggering Software

The Infinite Drum Machine, lets you create beats using sounds from everyday

TR 909 Drum Machine Replica developed using  HTML5

“Acid Machine” a web based tool for creating Acid Techno

Smackos 808 Simulator for Ableton

Sound Generators

The Ultimate Noise Machinethe multi-purpose noise generator

Bfxr | Creates 8-bit sound effects which you can download in WAV format.

Text to Speech | Convert any text to speech and download the result as an MP3 file.

Online Tone Generator | A handy test tone generator.

Sweep Sine Tone | Sweep tone generator for testing your monitors and room acoustics.

Noisli | A wonderful background noise generator to help you relax and focus.

Defonic | Another free noise generator to help you relax.

sound tests, audio test tones, and tone generators Online and Free

Two more online noise machines   relaxing music & sound generator

27 interactive nature scenes and sounds Unplug and power down

This generator of rain sounds will put you to sleep in a second

Online DAWs

Effluxmusic maker for the web

MikroWave audio synthesizer suited for quick sketching out ideas on the move.

Probe | The best online audio editor available at the moment, made by Audiotool.

Audiotool| A modular online music studio with a set of virtual synthesizers and effects.

AudioSauna | Free online workstation for making music on the go.

Soundation Studio | Online sequencer with audio and MIDI processing.

TwistedWave Online | A free online audio editor for editing mono audio files.

Your Home StudioOn Google Browser – Make Tunes Today

Klangmeister a live coding for the browser design synthesisers and compose music

Prototrackeran online music tool to create chiptune music

Studio One Prime | Free edition of Studio One, no VST support.

Podium FreeVST plugin support, limited to a single CPU core.

Online Collaboration

Clyp | A completely free (no registration required) to share your music online.

Splice | Online platform for music creation and sharing.

Musistic | A free plugin that lets you collaborate online through your DAW.

Indaba Music | Free online music collaboration platform.

Ohm Studio | The first free online collaboration platform for musicians.

Blend | Collaborate online and create remixes (powered by Dropbox).

Kompoz | Collaborate with musicians from around the world.

Livegit | A free online collaborative DAW.

JAM with Chrome | Jam with your friends in Google Chrome.

Plink | A fun way to pass time and make music with total strangers. 🙂

Ear Training

EQ Your Ears | Identify specific frequencies with this online tool.

EQ Match | Simple graphic EQ trainer.

Note Ear Training | Identify notes by ear.

Pitchimprover | Absolute pitch training.

The Music Intervals Tutor | Recognize music intervals by ear.

EarTeach | Various ear training utilities.

Blind Listening Tests | Various tools to test your ears.

Other Tools

Autochord | Chord progression generator based on key and playing style.

Interactive Circle of Fifths | An easy to use online circle of fifths.

Interactive Frequency Chart | Interactive frequency chart with an ear sensitivity graph.

Metronome Online | Free online metronome and tone generator.

Tap for BPM | A free tap tempo tool to calculate BPM.

Music Calculator | Convert BPM values, calculate transpose ratios, etc.

Tunerr | Free tuner tool which uses the microphone input on your computer.


Music Production

Introduction To Music Production | Free music production course by Berklee College of Music.

Pro Audio Essentials | Video tutorials and music production practice tools by iZotope.

How To Make Electronic Music | An epic intro to electronic music production.

EQ Masterclass | In-depth series of EQ tutorial videos by ADSR.

Thinking inside the Box | Great beginner’s guide to EQ.

Compression 101 | Great beginner’s guide to compression.

Compress to impress | Compression tutorial for the electronic musician.

Kim Lajoie Blog Dump | PDF archive of Kim Lajoie’s music production tips.

3 Mixing Secrets From The Legendary Andy Wallace | A reminder to keep it simple.


How to Make a Noise | A legendary free eBook guide to synthesizer programming.

Synthesis Fundamentals | Free tutorials for absolute beginners by the Bob Moog Foundation.

Synth Student | Beginner’s guide to subtractive synthesis.

Synthesis types | Understand different types of sound synthesis.

How To Bass | A series of tutorials for creating heavy bass sounds (by SeamlessR).

Syntorial | Software for learning synthesis. First 22 lessons are free.

Music Theory

Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People | A lighthearted intro to music theory.

Ravenspiral Guide to Music Theory | One of the finest free music theory books (here’s the PDF).

Music Theory: The TL;DR Version | Music theory guide for EDM producers with short attention spans.

Music Theory for Songwriters | A comprehensive guide to music theory for songwriters.

Open Yale Courses | A useful collection of free music video courses by Yale University.

10 Chord Progression Tips | Interesting chord progression tips from a jazz musician.

Music Theory Cheat Sheet | A handy TXT file cheat sheet for music theory.

More Goodies

Making Music | Free chapters from Ableton’s epic book for musicians and music producers.

A Club Track’s Frequency Map | A cool print friendly frequency chart by FutureMusic.

EQ tips Cheat Sheet | EQ cheat sheet available for download in PDF format.

RealTraps | A guide to testing room acoustics with free software.

D/A and A/D Digital Show and Tell | Explains various digital audio myths.

Artist Toolbox

Streaming Platforms

SoundCloud | The most popular online platform for uploading and sharing your music.

Bandcamp | Build your artist profile and share your music with your fans.

sfx.io | The Imgur of audio, a quick way to upload and share your music.

Backup & Productivity

Wavestack | Backup your recording sessions and share them with collaborators.

Dropbox | A great free solution for backing up your files online.

Hive | Upload and share your music and other materials.

Evernote | Take notes of all your projects and ideas in one place.

Trello | A great tool for managing your projects and collaborations.

Google Keep | Use this online note saving tool to keep track of your ideas and tasks.

Toggl | Time tracking utility to help you stay focused and measure your productivity.

Pocket | Easily save online resources (such as this article) for offline reading.

Graphic Tools

Artwork Creator | Create your album artwork for free.

CD Cover | Make a simple CD cover with your printer and a bit of paper.

Hipster Logo Generator | A free logo generator. Also works for simple album art and covers.

Squarespace Logo | Another simple logo generator.

Facebook Cover Collection Freebie | Nice looking PSD templates for Facebook cover images.

Pixlr | Great free online image editor similar to Photoshop.

Canva | Incredibly cool free graphics editor to make covers and promo images.

Video Tools

Sonic Candle | Completely free tool to generate an HD music video with a spectrum display.

Audio Visualizer Creator 2.0v | Free music visualizer generator (requires Adobe After Effects).

Blender | Free alternative for After Effects. Loads of tutorials available on YouTube.

Website Tools

WordPress.com | A powerful free blogging and blog hosting platform.

Strikingly | Build a beautiful looking free portfolio or artist website in minutes.

FourFour | Free website platform made specifically for musicians.

Flavors.me | Make a free artist website with links to your social media profiles.

MailChimp | Build a free mailing list for up to 2000 subscribers.

JSynAudio Synthesis Software API for Java

Auracle a networked sound instrument, controlled by the voice.

Computer Music Link at SoftSynth.com and links ( some old some new)

Hell Cafe an interactive musical instrument 8 layers of tranced out loop generators. & 9 tracks of rhythm generators

Listen and create ambient sounds easily

Netlib is a collection of mathematical software, papers, and databases.

Interactive Compositions and Computer Music Instruments

Musicdsp.org is a collection of data, gathered for the music dsp community. (source codes)

Magical8bitPlug synthesizer software for producing sounds like the old 8bit game consoles.

Pro Audio Files 100+ hand-crafted drum samples, loops, effects, transitions, impulse responses, reverb tails, synths, harmonies and more Free download


  • Auxy Modern instruments for mobile creators.

Webapps (sorry if any double ups, I started another page awhile back taking from there and adding )

Try out the Harmonic Table Miscellanea and useful links click on the layout tab

Ciat LonbardePeter Blasser, creator of the ‘Shinth’, a circuit designed to be bent, along with many other unique diy synths! He sells kits and completed units, as well as offering free “paper circuits” for you to download and build.

Datamath Calculator MuseumAmazing database of Instruments devices, good resource for benders and collectors alike! Here is their page on circuit-bending

Randomness Links

Software Links

Programming Languages


Part Two -free online resources that will spark your music curiosity in creative ways