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5 Years of Motorik: An Australian Electronic Music Experiment

From the birth of the label in 2012, Motorik are proud to present half a decade’s worth of progress with the new compilation album “5 Years Of Motorik: An Australian Electronic Music Experiment” Out now on Motorik.

As part of the birthday celebrations the label has assembled the vibrant sound of the down under, showcasing the likes of founders CSMNT61 This auditory summary promises innovative explorations showcasing the best of the fresh talent from the land down under in Australia.

Although its mission statement is techno-focused, the five-year release presents a varied sound, from the gritty techno of Jensen Interceptor to CSMNT61’s synth-heavy explorations, and The Finger Prince (with their “Deep Melbourne” sound), alongside other artists featuring on the label; such as Made In Paris and Stereogamous. 

Brothers – made of Kirin J Callinan, and CSMNT61-  premiere on this release with Cities Machine. This track presents a type of stripped back anarchism that only techno can achieve when adhering to a more industrial ostinato. The metallic synth and careful use of sampling recreate the unworldly dense atmosphere indicative of this collective.

This track is not only representative of the album but also an ode to the labels core footing in techno that the founders assembled in what they described as a “whirlwind of light and sound”.

Check out the tracklist and now available via Beatport.

Motorik’s “For Life” ( Adam Bozzetto) drops a 72 minute mix showcasing some of his favorite picks