Monthly Archives: December 2017

Always wanted to DJ but couldn’t afford the gear. Download Mixxx 2.0

Now everyone can rock the parties either at home or in the clubs with free software Mixxx 2.0. The software works as an alternative to Traktor and Virtual DJ with features and interface. Works for both PC and MAC. Developed … Continue reading

Explore four decades of Mardi Gras fabulousness with this interactive timeline

In the spirit of tolerance and equality, every year numerous Pride events take place and parties are celebrated. With parades, live music and artistic performances, diversity is celebrated at the Gay Pride in rainbow colors. Next year’s Mardi Gras will mark … Continue reading

Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk, Strobe, Richie Hawtin, the Prodigy’s Liam Howlett and Sven Vath in the Glory Days and Nights Of Berlins Techno Scene

Updated Again :German photographer Tilman Brembs, was in and about the techno scene in it’s beginnings playing an integral part with his “point and shoot” cam as the in-house photographer of the techno magazine “Frontpage” from 1991 – 1997. His photographs from 20 years of … Continue reading

Listen to Nicolas Bougaieff Just Released Debut Album

Principles of Newspeak is the first release to emerge on Denkfabrik, a new imprint curated by Berlin-based Québécois producer Nicolas Bougaïeff. The album includes 3 tracks from his recent Cognitive Resonance 12” which inaugurating the return of seminal British label NovaMute. Inspired by the appendix to George Orwell‘s 1984, Principles … Continue reading

Save The Forte Crowdfunding Campaign

After 4 editions of Festival Forte, never going mainstream, they’re asking for your help to host their next festival held in August this 2018. The annual music festival set in the beautiful Montemor-O-Velho Castle in Portugal each year boasts an impressive selection … Continue reading

A new project maps and documents the different sounds of protest and demonstration.

The sound art and field recording project, Cities and Memories has created “ a thought provoking collection and global mapping of the sounds of Protest and Political activism publishing their work in a new sound map and extensive project that … Continue reading

Listen to DJ Hell’s Sunday techno surmon inside St Paul’s Gothic Cathedral for Melbourne Music Week

Arriving back on Australian soil last month, German techno legend DJ Hell performed an Australian exclusive show as a headline act for Melbourne Music Week inside the historic St Paul’s Cathedral, on the first Saturday night November 18th. Missed the Sunday sermon, well needless to say … Continue reading