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This massive library of Music Documentaries Perfect to Dive Into For Your Weekend


Here’s a great documentary about sampling made by an Australian TV station back in 1988, featuring  interviews with Prince Paul, Will and Jazzy Jeff, Tom Petty, Russell Simmons, Ice T, and a whole lot more. Exploring the art of sampling, sampling became an important factor to many artists causing controversy as well as success for many artists and producers and discusses whether or not sampling is stealing.  The documentary shows us the ins and outs of sampling before the laws were changed to regulate the practise.

If not going out this weekend Belgium electronics music producer Gerome Sportelli, active since the beginning of the 90’s, his music ‘smells’ old school, just like the early age of acid house, his knowledge that is infused with today’s intelligent constructions and an engaged vision on music, Gerome has kindly put into a playlist a collection of 200+ electronic music documentaries that covers everything from house music, trance, docos on synthesis, production, techno, Loveparade, the TB 303 , Berlin clubs and basically everything you can think of making this a resourceful library. Enjoy the many hours of knowledge.

Just a few that you will find

Video explains the world’s most important 6-sec drum loop
Rave Party 1997 LEVEL 5
Thunderdome ’97 – The Southern Edition (part 2)
Sven Vath – Live @ Love Parade 2000 Berlin
Out of the Picture
Kraftwerk – Tanzmusik (1973)
First computer to sing
Im Techno Rausch 60 Stunden Dauerparty -1995- (ARD-Doku)
Asian Guy Plays Drums On A Keyboard
Strictly Underground Rave New Years Eve 1994 – Hardcore Rave Old Skool Video
BBC Documentary – Ibiza Drugland
Human Traffic (nice one bruva)
Do You Know Anything About Techno?
Free Tekno – Full documentary
EDEN – Official HD Trailer (2015) – a film by Mia Hansen-Løve
Acid House 1989 Illegal Rave Part 02 Sunrise Energy
Technocity Berlin 1993 Doku full version
TB-303 Documentary – Bassline Baseline (2005)
A Brief History of the Minimoog Part I
RICHIE HAWTIN – Pioneers of Electronic Music (70 Min.) – SLICES Special
Moby’s Drum Machine & Synth Collection
What the Future Sounded Like (2006)
Legendary Instruments – Jean Michel Jarre
Noisia In The Studio With Future Music
Republic KAZANTIP (MTV Special)
Pump Up the Volume Documentary (Complete Series)
Daft Punk – Interstella 5555 Backwards
The Summer Of Rave 1989 (Full Documentary HQ)
Amnesia House 1991 Carl Cox Grooverider PART 2 – ** NEW EDIT OF THIS SEE BELOW
by Offon tv
1995 Gabber documentary (Lola Da Musica) with English subtitles
Tomorrowland – Die Doku 2014 über Party,Sex und Alkohol
Early Documentary about Sampling (1988)
Synthesizer Documentary ~ Moog: A Film by Hans Fjellestad
Intro to Synthesis Part 1 – The Building Blocks of Sound & Synthesis
aphex twin interview moscow 1994 part 1
Thunderdome ’97 – The Southern Edition (part 1)
Pump Up The Volume: The History of House Music (Complete)
Don’t Forget to Go Home (Feiern 2006) Documentary + Eng subs
Trent Reznor | Archetype of a Synthesizer
Week van Filemon: Thunderdome [HD/HQ] [DUTCH ONLY]
I Dream of Wires: The Modular Synthesizer Documentary
Oxygene instruments explained
Kraftwerk -1970- Soester Konzert, WDR Archive
[Documentaire – Reportage] Universal Techno (1996)
Musique Concrete
Shelley’s Amnesia House 18.04.92 (pt1)
Peter Gabriel and Fairlight CMI
Loladamusica – Gabber (1995, english subs)
WATERGATE X – THE MOVIE (full length)
aphex twin interview moscow 1994 part 2
Jean Michel Jarre on BBCs How do they do that
ITALO DISCO – The Sound of Spaghetti Dance
Brian Eno Imaginary Landscapes
Part of the Weekend Never Dies – TEASER
Real Scenes: Johannesburg
How to make Techno music on 1994
This is Acid House U muVer f*’kers 1988
Detroit Techno – The Creation of Techno Music – HighTechSoul (Subtitulos en Español)
GABBERS! 3Doc, Dec 2013 (English Subs)
Summer of Rave (Full Documentary)
Acid House 1989 Illegal Rave Part 01 Sunrise Energy
Delia Derbyshire – Sculptress of Sound documentary 1/7
Rise of the Bedroom Producer – A Dance Music Documentary 2011
The New Sound Of Music 1979 (Part 1)
BBC Archive Tomorrow’s World Moog Synthesiser
Adrian Utley (Portishead)’s Synth Collection Tour
The Story of STREETrave – ’89-’09 – Old Skool Clubbing
BBC documentary from 1992 house music Old Rave Party back in the early 90’s
Legowelt – Studio Tour
DnB 1996 (LolaDaMusica) part1: Squarepusher
John Peel’s Sounds of the Suburbs – Cornwall (1/2)
Berlin at Night – Die Berliner Clubszene – Dokumentation 2010 BERLINMUSIC.TV
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy – Rave Documentary 1992
Quadrant Park – 1990’s – N-joi Anthem
VODER (1939) – Early Speech Synthesizer
Chicago Hip House Documentary 1989
The Chemical Brothers Don’t Think Live 2/2
Welcome To The 80´s — Rap, Hip Hop, Breakdance & Graffiti
Sub Berlin -“The Story of Tresor” (Documentary)
Trip 002 B1 Barcode Population – Barcode Population
20 YEARS OF JUNGLE MANIA – (Full Length Documentary)
Kazantip: Die ukrainische Party-Republik
Universal Techno Pt.1 – Juan Atkins & Derrick May
50th Anniversary of the Moog Modular Synthesizer
“Music Is My Drug : Psychedelic Trance”
Discovering Electronic Music (1983)
Dr Who (How To Remake TV Theme)
Modular Synths – Benge explains creating a sequence on a modular syntheziser
The Rave Years – With Keith Flint & Richard Russell
TONTO — The Coolest Modular Synthesizer Ever Video Demo
Sven Marquardt, Photographer and Bouncer | Talking Germany by DW (English)
IDOW Extended Interview #10: Trent Reznor & Alessandro Cortini, Nine Inch Nails
Rave – BBC house music documentary from 1992 [1/3]
GABBER DOC8 – Digital Overdose 1998
The Open Door: Macintosh, Midi, and Music (1988)
This is Space Ibiza: 25 Years of Perfection (Documentary)
House Music Makes The News For The First Time In Chicago (1986)
Making of Deadpool Soundtrack – Junkie XL
Lecture: Richie Hawtin (New York, 2013)
Casio Keyboard CZ-101 (1986)
Thunderdome ’97 – The Southern Edition (part 3)
TB-303 Documentary – Bassline Baseline
Jean Michel Jarre in his studio before 1976
Jean Michel Jarre in his studio, 1977. Rare footage
Universal Techno Pt.3 – Jeff Mills, Derrick May & Ken Ishii
DnB 1996 (LolaDaMusica) part3: Source Direct
History of Computer Graphics (1972)
The Chemical Generation – Acid House documentary
DnB 1996 (LolaDaMusica) part2: Photek
Generation Of Sound – Early 90s Rave Documentary
Daft Punk / Electroma (360p).avi
Frankie Knuckles at Power House club, 1986 opening night
“Go (1999)” – Theatrical Trailer
Bob Moog Fairlight Intro
Herbie Hancock – Fairlight CMI – Rockit
Idris Elba’s How Clubbing Changed the World YouTube
10 Years Of Dance Music: The Documentary
60 heures non stop sur la techno
Techno-Punk Andrew Weatherall Is 50 And He’s Way Cooler Than You
La fabrication de Moscow Diskow (Telex)
1950 early electronic synthesizer: ‘This is music with a strictly electronic beat’
How People Originally Cut Shapes To House In The UK (Features Foot Patrol) – Manchester 1986
Tresor Berlin – Club-Re-Opening 24.05.2007
Copyright Criminals
jean michel jarre a day with the analog synths
Universal Techno Pt.2 – Kevin Saunderson & Derrick May
Tresor Club Berlin Leipziger Straße – Juli 1996
3-2-1 Contact “Noisy/Quiet: Music” (1980)
Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution
The Way of the Crowd (2004)
Ku Club Ibiza (Privilege anno 1989)
Jean Michel Jarre studio 1987
The prodigy, and suburban bass – Early days Documentary (1992)
VPRO: Detroit Music Scene Documentary
Discovering Electronic Music Part 1
Roger Linn + Carl Craig ‘The Evolution of Drum Machines’ – Dubspot Workshop Recap @ Decibel
BBC News about Acid House 1988
Raver, Rausch & Risiko.1997-Oldskool-DOKU.part1
Small Town Ecstasy – Documentary 2002 – Full Version
Dub to Jungle Documentary
Intro to Synthesis Part 2 – Types of Synthesis & Programming Examples
Kraftwerk – Documentary 1981
Inside House – House Music Documentary UK
Jean-Jacques Perrey on “I’ve Got a Secret”, 1960, Part Two – Ondioline Demonstration
Detroit The Blueprint Of Techno
Synth Britannia Documentary
The New Sound Of Music 1979 (part 2)
The Museum of Synthesizer Technology 1
Speak and Spell commercial (circa 1980)
Gabber: Verleden tot Heden – Documentaire
Amnesia Closing Party, Ibiza 1989 (Part One)
House Music NYC documentary movie
Sub Berlin “The Story of Tresor” Documentary
TechnoCity Berlin Teil 1
underground resistance documentary
Doku: Minimal China – Techno im Reich der Mitte
KaZantip Reportage M6 – 66min
Sven Väth Interview 1992 2
Jean Michel Jarre – Patrick Rondat – interview 1993 Berlin – Matri sequencer
Drum & Bass History – Underestimated
Tresor History Short Documentary (Berlin 2000)
Eliane Radigue – IMA Portrait documentary
Electric Dreams – BBC Documentary – The 1990s
Mysteryland 1996
Universal Techno Pt.4 – Autechre, Mad Mike & Kenny Larkin
Rave – BBC house music documentary from 1992 [2/3]
Thunderdome ’97 – The Southern Edition (part 4)
Party auf dem Todesstreifen (Der Klang der Familie) [DOKU]
Hi Tech Soul – The Creation Of Techno Music (Part 1 of 9)
High Tech Soul – The Creation of Techno Music
Dubfiles – Dubstep Documentary (2008)
The Secret History of the Vocoder
Casio SK-1 Keyboard Commercial 1985
Dans le studio de Jean Michel Jarre
The History of Electronic Music Part 1-1 (Documentary)
Talkin’ Headz – The Metalheadz Documentary (1998)
Nick Rhodes & Synthesizers – Interview 86
House Music Documentary Pump Up the Volume Documentary The Complete Series
Tim & Barry’s “I’M TRYNA TELL YA” feature length documentary
Front 242 – Belpop Documentary 2008
ARTE Berlin, le mur des sons (reportage sur les debuts de la techno a aujourd’hui
『これがシンセサイザーだ』 情報部
BBC Radio 1 Stories – Roland TR-808 TR-909 TB-303 Documentary
Electrische piano: Trautonium (1941)
Rave – BBC house music documentary from 1992 [3/3]
tugobot interview #2 : Jeff Mills
all black jungle fever documentary 1994
SECRETS OF ANALOG AND DIGITAL SYNTHESIS | Steve DiFuria | VHS instructional course |
ibiza’s children
Modulations – History Of Electronic Dance Music Documentary
DJ Assault – Belle Isle Tech Video
WE CALL IT TECHNO! Documentary Trailer

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